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Freequently Asked Question

Currency Exchange Online

1. How online currency exchange works?

Use the ‘Buy Currency’ section at the homepage of our site. Just type your selections and follow the prompts to enter the amount of foreign currency exchange to AUD, choose how you wish to receive your money (we only have the option of cash payments at the moment), and then confirm the order. From there on you will be redirected to the payment page, here you may choose the ideal payment method of BPAY or Bank Transfer, and hit the “place your order” button. It's that simple to order currency online!

2. Is there a fee or commission for Online Currency Exchange at Worldex?

NO, there is no fee, commission or charges to change money.

3. What currencies can I buy from you?

We sell over 60 currencies available in store and online. If you are going to some location and have not been able to get currency anywhere, please give us a call. Our friendly staff can try and organise the travel money for you or suggest an alternative that suits you the best.

4. Do you have all the currencies in stock all the time?

While we strive to have all of the currencies in stock at all the time, but we keep on buying and selling and may not have some currency available at a particular time. But don’t worry, we normally need only 2 business days to organise and get it in stock.

5. If you don’t have the stock, can I still get todays rate?

Yes, once you have placed an order online, your rate is locked and you get the rate that is there in your transaction, irrespective of our stock level, pick up time or delivery date.

6. Does your rate keep on changing during the day?

It can. Markets keep on fluctuating. Our rates could stay the same or even change during the day, depending upon the market rates.

7. If I find a better rate somewhere else, would you match it?

We will. We normally have the best exchange rates in Australia, but if you find a rate better than ours, please do let us know, we will match and even try to beat it for so you get the best value.

8. Do I have the option to choose denominations?

Yes you do. There are two ways you can do this: 1. you can select your choice of denomination from the online currency exchange page. You may choose from one set of large, medium or small notes, or set of notes with mixed denominations. 2: You can use the “comment section” there, to specify that denomination you would like in what range. While we try our best to get you the denominations of your preference. We cannot promise that your request will be fulfilled every time, since it mostly depends on availability in the market.

9. What are the time frames for pick up or delivery?

For pick up – Normally the orders are ready for pick up within 3 business days and can take a maximum of 5 business days.
For Delivery  - The order can take from 5 business days, depending upon the time when you have finalised the order and made the payment.

10. How long before can I place an order?

You can place the order as much as 1 month in advance for both pickup and delivery.

11. What if I need the money urgently in the next couple of days?

Please call our store and talk to one of our staff. We will try and do the best we can to get your travel money before you go.

12. How much foreign currency can I order at a time? Is there a minimum or maximum?

Delivery – Minimum order is $1 to a maximum of AUD 9999.00 foreign currency equivalent  over a 24 hour period and maximum of AU$ 20000 over a rolling 21 day period.
Pick up – There is no minimum order and there is no maximum. You can order as much foreign currency exchange as you like but if your order is more than AUD 10000.00 we would need two IDs at the time of pickup. The two IDs can be documents like: driver’s license, passport or age proof card.

13. Is my rate locked in or it can change after I place an order?

Your rate is locked in once you confirm the order. It won’t change after that. So any fluctuations after the confirmation of your order till the time of delivery will not affect your order and would stay locked in. So you can rest assure against any fluctuations.

14. How do I know the status of my order?

You will get email notification for each stage of your order from the time you place an order online, When we receive the payment, when your order is ready to dispatch, deliver and pick up. So you know what is happening with your order till the time you have your money with you.

Identification (ID)/Compliance

1. Do I need Identification for placing order, pick-up and delivery?

Yes, you need an Identification to buy and sell currencies.

2. Why do you need Identification?

It is a requirement of Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Regulation that every financial transaction is done through a valid and legal Identification.

3. I do not understand that? Please explain.

Our industry is regulated by a government body called AUSTRAC (www.austrac.gov.au). AUSTRAC lays down the regulations to prevent the money laundering and terrorism financing risk. We as a responsible business abide by these regulations and thus can’t process any transaction in the absence of a valid ID. An example of a valid ID is your Australian Drivers License or your passport.

4. Do you need any other information apart from ID? If yes, what?

Yes, apart from id we need your name, address, date of birth, occupation, Phone number, Identification Number, Place of issue, issue and expiry date of your ID.

5. What is the age requirement for ordering online??

You must be 18 years or over at the time of placing order.


1. What are the payment methods? How do I pay?

You can purchase your foreign currency 24/7 online using BPAY or bank transfer option.  At the final stage of your order, you will get two options for online payment. Select the ideal option and you now can than make the payment using the reference number of your order and complete the order.

2. How soon shall I make the payment after confirming the order?

You should make the payment as soon as you finalise the order and within a maximum of 12 hours for us to receive the funds within the next 2 business days, especially if you are ordering outside the business hours. We take into account the possible delays that might happen between the time you make the payment and our receiving it, so your order is secure. But if you are late in making the payment and we do not receive the funds on time, we reserve the right to cancel the order you have placed.

3.How long does it take for you to get the money that I have paid online?

It can vary from 1 to 3 days depending upon different times and various other factors beyond our control.

4. How do I know you have received the money?

You will get an email confirmation that your payment has been received and your order is being processed

Pick Up

1. After my order is ready when can I pick it up?

You can pick up the foreign currency on the date you selected while processing the order. You will also be notified by email, the date of your pickup. Normally its within 3 to 5 business days of your placing the order, including the time for the funds to be credited in our account. You can only pick up the order on our normal business days of store. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays, so please keep these days in mind when coming to pick up your foreign currency.

2. Where can I pick up the foreign currency from?

You can pick up the foreign currency from our store at 65, KING WILLIAM STREET, ADELAIDE, SA 5000 on normal business days.

3. Your store is far from my place and I cannot get there. What should I do if I need to order currency?

Feel free to order for delivery option, while placing the order and the currency will be delivered to your address that is provided in your ID that you used to place the order. Please ensure carrying the ID and other verification documents at the time of collecting the money.

4. Do I need an identification to collect money?

For pick up – You will need to bring your email confirmation of the order, along with the same identification document that you used for placing your order, along with the proof of payment- a screenshot of the email receipt will do just fine.

5. Can someone else pick up the foreign currency on my behalf?

Unfortunately No. Only the person placing the order online can come and collect the money using his own ID. We do not do allow third party transactions, and that is why only the customer can come and collect the money. This is to protect both you and us from fraud and suspicious transactions.

Home Delivery

1. How does home delivery work?

When placing an order, you will have the option to select home delivery and enter your details. You will need an identification document of yourself, such as a driver’s license, for placing the order, and show the same ID to the delivery person for verification at the time of delivery.

2. Where is home delivery available?

Home delivery is available in any residential address in Australia.

3. How much time it would take for me to receive delivery?

Most deliveries would be done within 3 to 5 business days but sometimes can take longer than that depending upon the nature of the currency ordered and if it available in the market or not.

4. How much does it cost?

There ia a flat fee of AUD 15 for home delivery orders.

5. How much currency can I order at a time? What are the maximum and minimum amounts?

There is no minimum value of currency you can order. But you can only order a maximum of AU$ 9,999.00 at a time.

6. Can you deliver to my office address?

Unfortunately No. The delivery address has to be same as in the ID you used while placing the order.

7. Will my delivery address need to be a similar as the address on my ID?

Yes. we will solely deliver currency to the address mentioned on your authorised ID that has been recorded throughout the ID verification step, at the top of the ordering method.

8. Can I change the details of the order after confirming the order?

Unfortunately No. once the order has been completed, you cannot change. But as soon as you know about the changes you need and if the order has not been dispatched from our end, please email us or call us and we will try and help you in best possible way we can.

9. What if I miss my delivery or I am not home when the delivery arrives?

Not to worry. If you can’t make it stay at home, or anyhow miss to receive your delivery, we will leave you a notification about the same, and will try to deliver your package for the second time, on the next business day. In case you miss the second delivery as well, then your package will be delivered to the local dispatch office, from where you may pick it up yourself. We will leave a communication card at the dispatch office for you.

10. If I am not home, can someone receive the delivery on my behalf?

Unfortunately No. Only the person placing an order and whose ID has been used can collect the delivery upon signature. Again you have to verify the ID at the time of delivery.

11. Is my consignment insured? What happens if it goes missing?

Yes. Your order is insured in any respect of time. We will be replacing it at our expense if for any reason the consignment goes missing.

Order Status

1. What is order confirmation?

This means that we have received your order and we are processing it.

2. How do I know what is the status of my order?

You will receive notification email from us for each and every stage of your order to keep you updated about your order status. This is from the time we have received your order to the time the order has been either picked up by you or has been delivered and received by you.

3. What happens if I am unable to order online?

Sometimes there could be an issue with the system and it is not letting you place an order online. Please wait for some time and try again later. If you are still not able to place an order, please give us a call and we will try and resolve the issue for you.

4. I have not received a confirmation email of my order, but I have made the payment?

Please check the spam folder to check if our email has not gone through there. If you do not find it there, please feel free to call us and we will help you with your order.

5. I have placed the order, but I can’t make the payment through my bank as the transaction is beyond my daily limit. What should I do?

Please contact your bank to increase your daily limit to make the payment. Please remember to do it as soon as possible after the order is placed. Because we reserve the right to cancel the order if we do not receive the payment on time and you can miss out on a great rate. For this reason, it is a wise decision to speak with our bank before you initiate the process of ordering online currency exchange.

Cancelling/Changing an Order

1. Can I cancel my order after receiving confirmation?

Unfortunately No. You cannot cancel or reverse your order for foreign currency exchange once you have made payment for the order. Once the order is confirmed, you can only go to our store to sell the foreign currency at our buy rates.

2. Is It Possible To Cancel An Order Before Making A Payment?

Yes, that is possible. You can just not proceed with the payment page your order will automatically cancel after sometime. You  may contact us through phone or email, for any kind of assistance.

3. Can I change the collection date/ pick up of my order?

Yes you can. Please contact us through email or phone to amend your pick up date. The new pick up date must not be before the original pick up date. It is always best to inform us of the change and we will do our best to adjust the date of your convenience.

Buying back foreign currency

1. If I want to change my leftover foreign currency back to AUD, can I do it?

Yes you can. But you cannot do it online. You will have to come to our store to change foreign currency back to AU $.

2. Would that be the same rate as the rate at which I bought the foreign currency?

Unfortunately No. The buy and sell rates of foreign currency exchange are always different. You can change the foreign currency back to AUD on the buy rate of the day. The buy rate is the rate at which we are buying foreign currency from the customer. You can always call us at 08 7120 2549 or come down to the store to check the buy back rate and how much AUD you will get for your foreign currency exchange. Again we pride ourselves in offering the best exchange rates in Australia for that as well.

3. Can I sell both banknotes and coins?

We can only buyback banknotes. We do not buy back coins.

4. Can I sell banknotes in any condition?

The banknotes have to be in good condition and not torn, damaged or taped. There have to be still legal tender at the time. Simply bring the notes in and we will change it to AUD for you.

5. Can I bring in any currency to change to AUD.

You can bring only the 60+ currencies we deal in or that you can see on our website. Even these currencies can change at times. If we deal with the currency we buy it back from you and give you AUD equivalent of these notes.

6. Do I book an appointment to bring the foreign currency banknotes to you?

No, you can just walk in. You can always call us if you like, to check how much AUD you are getting for your foreign currency exchange.

7. What can I do with the leftover coins of my trip?

You have quite a few options. One you can keep these with you if you plan another trip back to the same country. Secondly you can sell these to any coin collector to get some AUD instead of them lying around your house. And the third and the best option is you can bring these to our store and donate them to guide dogs. These coins may not be worth much for you but can make a massive difference to someone's life.

Travel Money Important Tips

1. How much foreign currency can I take out of the country with me?

There is no limit to the amount you can take with you, but in Australia, if you are taking out (or bringing back) more than AUD 10000.00 worth of foreign currency or AUD with you, you must declare the amount at the customs. For other countries, different countries have different restrictions on the amount you can take into or out of the jurisdiction, which you should check on the respective countries customs or immigration websites. You should do so before buying the currencies, so you do not end up with money which you cannot take with you and have to change it again to AUD and thereby lose any money.

2. What is the best time to change money?

We are asked that question a lot! And we wish everyday that we knew the answer. The markets keep on fluctuating every day and even during the day, so no one can predict exactly what is the best time to get the best money exchange rates in Australia. You will have to do your estimates as to what is the right time for you to buy the foreign currency. Once you have decided, you can just go to our online currency exchange as the fastest way to get it done. But we highly recommend you to not leave the transaction to the last moment because sometimes we may not have the currency you need in stock, and may have to order it in for you, and it may take 2-3 business days for us to organise the foreign currency.